Salt and Savour makes sauerkraut in the traditional fermentation method. What is this method, you might ask? Well, if the only sauerkraut you’re familiar with is the sad, pale, vinegary concoction in a can, you’ll be surprised to know that the traditional method doesn’t even use vinegar. Rather, the shredded cabbage leaves and spices (like caraway, juniper berries, ginger) age in a salt brine – all of which is organic, of course. The vegetables are held below the line of liquid, keeping oxygen out and the bacteria residing on the cabbage leaves goes to work. These bacteria thrive in this oxygen starved environment, where they feed on the natural sugars in the cabbage, and over a time period of 4 days to 1 month or so, the pH drops down to 4.0 or lower, while the sugar gets eaten by the bacteria. Speaking of bacteria; these are the little critters which populate a healthy gut and assist in digestion. So not only does this wonderfully rich flavorful sauerkraut help spice up a meal, it also spices up your life by contributing to your health.

We’ve started slowly, and after experimenting with the process and ingredients with feedback from friends and family for over a year, we felt like we were ready to give it a go as a commercial endeavor. We managed to work out an arrangement to use commercial kitchen space (thank you Sengthong’s Restaurant!), we got county health department approval and we went to work producing our first commercial batch in July 2013, yielding just 38 pints. July 25th was the first sale at our first farmer’s market. While we had a new white tent, a new folding table and a new ice chest to keep the product cool, we had no business name, no sign for the booth and hand-written labels on brown paper tied to each jar with twine. What a start! Honestly, how hard could it be to just talk to people? Nobody walked by the tent without an invitation to sample our product and based on that first market, we’re ready to start ramping up production. Look for us at a farmer’s market in Siskiyou and Shasta counties soon!

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    • Peggy,

      Yes, the ‘kraut is all vegan, all organic. Are you looking to buy the ingredients individually, or are you looking for the ingredients list on the jar? The ingredients are listed on the back of the jar.

      – David

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